For more than 10 years, A Step Ahead Orthotics and Prosthetics has been serving Central Tennessee and Alabama with patient focused care in the highest quality standards and industry leading turn-around times. Using high-tech and innovative fabrication concepts and designs inside our onsite facilities, we are able to create long-lasting, comfortable orthotics and prosthetics that fit you perfectly.

AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis)

We take a dynamic approach when it comes to fabricating our AFO’s. By continually looking for feedback from patients, therapist, physicians, and our practitioners, this allows to have the best designs for the treatment process. Having two manufacturing labs for custom AFO’s allows for minimal turn around times of one week typically.

KAFO (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis)

Metal and leather KAFO’s are the historical go to in the field in the past. With copolymer, and carbon fiber in use today, we can produce products with half of the weight and more function.

HKAFO (Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis)

The complexities of building a proper HKAFO are immense. With one of the highest annual productions in the southeast we have become a specialist in these products. Dramatically reducing weight and improving comfort using materials that are appropriate for the size of the patient and today’s technology allow our builds to be world class.

RGO (Reciprocating Gate Orthosis)

With only a fraction of a percent of patients using RGO systems in the US, we build these products for patients that live states away as a specialist in this product. Some practitioners have not even had the chance to work on these devices, but at A Step Ahead we work on them on a regular basis and understand the complexities of the bio-mechanics involved in them.